Features of nucleosys – Register module

The next of feature list is basic modules. There are many modules in my head that I want to implement such as News, Letters, Register, Form, etc. These basic modules focus on basic use in a small to medium organization. So I implement all of these modules base requirement from my organization (Faculty) and from my experience in a job. Any suggestion will be welcome.

Today I will write feature about Register system because I already implement it and still in developement now. You can see some demo here and here (Thai languages)

Features of Register system module for Nucleosys

  • You can customize to create any register form with any input like text, textarea, radiobox, checkbox, select and some enhance field like textfield with date, radiobox and checkbox with other textfield
  • Tableless with CSS design
  • Customize template by only change css files or write your own template with smarty engine
  • All AJAX driven with jQuery and jQuery UI such as tabs, calendar, some validation

This feature list is not yet finished. Already implement and todo feature will be complete list soon. Please frequently come to see.

Features of nucleosys – Core system

Now. Time to talk about features of nucleosys.

First nucleosys is divide into 2 main features. One is core and one is basic module. Today I will talk about core features.

Nucleosys core features list

End users features

  • All server requirement are free (*nix, Apache, PHP, MySQL)
  • Easy install by edit only one file
  • Easy install modules/themes by only upload to modules/themes directory
  • Modules and themes can activate/deactivate anytime
  • Can use with LDAP authentication
  • Users can manage their profiles
  • Manage user by Users management control
  • Support multi-languages
  • Manage permission with Permission system
  • Fast interaction like desktop application with AJAX feature
  • Friendly URLs for easy remember (Must install mod_rewrite module in apache)
  • Security with SSL authentication
  • Administrative and setting your intranet site via options page
  • Support all modern browser (IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari)

Developers features

  • Complete inline document with phpDocumentor
  • Design by use OOP concept
  • Full document with many helper class and utilities function for helping developer write modules
  • Database-driven with MySQL and connect with ezSQL libraly
  • AJAX web by jQuery
  • Sendmail by phpMailer
  • Template with Smarty template
  • URL rewriting with mod_rewrite
  • Use Subversion for version control
  • Authentication service for not PHP developer
  • GPL3 License Still consider about license but will be opensource

Template features

  • Use CSS design with tableless
  • You can change everything by edit only css file
  • Themeing with smarty template
  • W3C standard compliant
  • Full document to use smarty variable

More features will come when I can recall or you can suggest and request to me.

Next will be about features in basic modules

What is nucleosys.

Today I will explain about what is nucleosys.

Nucleosys was came from two words, Nucleo + System.

Nucleo is Italian word means “core”.

Sys is stands for “system”.

So Nucleosys means “core system”.

The objective of nucleosys project is for small to medium organizations that want basic intranet system by provide core system and some modules like news, registra, letters, manage form, register system or else they can create modules or hack some code to adapt for their used. Because today they don’t have many choices for free tools to create direct intranet system.

With the all open source tools like Apache web server, PHP powered and MySQL database so they can have intranet system with no-cost software.

Next I will talk about Nucleosys features.

Welcome to Nucleosys

Hi everybody who reading my blog. This is a blog that will tell you about every step of my project, Nucleosys : Core Information System.

First I want to introduce myself. My name is Jirayut Nimsaeng. My nickname is Dear but most people call me Gundam. I live in Thailand so please forgive me for my English. I am a fourth years university student at Faculty of Information Technology, KMITL.

Second I am an administrator and PHP web programmer so I responsible in develop information system of my faculty. Nucleosys is my graduate project. It is intranet system that contain core and modules. The objective aims for the core system that help developer can develop intranet system for their organization by provide api, classess, document and some basic modules.

Third I will opensource this project when it ready to open. Now I develop all of project on my own and my partner helps some in documents and templates. I want some community to help me develop it. I have some plan like trac project management but I don’t have experience to create community so any help will appreciate.

Last I don’t know about future of my project. I have many projects in my head but they are never born if it is ONLY MY PROJECT. I just want someone to come with me, think like me and have the same interest but I never find them. The last I hope from this project is maybe it can change something like Linus change the world with Linux.