The next of feature list is basic modules. There are many modules in my head that I want to implement such as News, Letters, Register, Form, etc. These basic modules focus on basic use in a small to medium organization. So I implement all of these modules base requirement from my organization (Faculty) and from my experience in a job. Any suggestion will be welcome.

Today I will write feature about Register system because I already implement it and still in developement now. You can see some demo here and here (Thai languages)

Features of Register system module for Nucleosys

  • You can customize to create any register form with any input like text, textarea, radiobox, checkbox, select and some enhance field like textfield with date, radiobox and checkbox with other textfield
  • Tableless with CSS design
  • Customize template by only change css files or write your own template with smarty engine
  • All AJAX driven with jQuery and jQuery UI such as tabs, calendar, some validation

This feature list is not yet finished. Already implement and todo feature will be complete list soon. Please frequently come to see.