Now. Time to talk about features of nucleosys.

First nucleosys is divide into 2 main features. One is core and one is basic module. Today I will talk about core features.

Nucleosys core features list

End users features

  • All server requirement are free (*nix, Apache, PHP, MySQL)
  • Easy install by edit only one file
  • Easy install modules/themes by only upload to modules/themes directory
  • Modules and themes can activate/deactivate anytime
  • Can use with LDAP authentication
  • Users can manage their profiles
  • Manage user by Users management control
  • Support multi-languages
  • Manage permission with Permission system
  • Fast interaction like desktop application with AJAX feature
  • Friendly URLs for easy remember (Must install mod_rewrite module in apache)
  • Security with SSL authentication
  • Administrative and setting your intranet site via options page
  • Support all modern browser (IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari)

Developers features

  • Complete inline document with phpDocumentor
  • Design by use OOP concept
  • Full document with many helper class and utilities function for helping developer write modules
  • Database-driven with MySQL and connect with ezSQL libraly
  • AJAX web by jQuery
  • Sendmail by phpMailer
  • Template with Smarty template
  • URL rewriting with mod_rewrite
  • Use Subversion for version control
  • Authentication service for not PHP developer
  • GPL3 License Still consider about license but will be opensource

Template features

  • Use CSS design with tableless
  • You can change everything by edit only css file
  • Themeing with smarty template
  • W3C standard compliant
  • Full document to use smarty variable

More features will come when I can recall or you can suggest and request to me.

Next will be about features in basic modules