Hi everybody who reading my blog. This is a blog that will tell you about every step of my project, Nucleosys : Core Information System.

First I want to introduce myself. My name is Jirayut Nimsaeng. My nickname is Dear but most people call me Gundam. I live in Thailand so please forgive me for my English. I am a fourth years university student at Faculty of Information Technology, KMITL.

Second I am an administrator and PHP web programmer so I responsible in develop information system of my faculty. Nucleosys is my graduate project. It is intranet system that contain core and modules. The objective aims for the core system that help developer can develop intranet system for their organization by provide api, classess, document and some basic modules.

Third I will opensource this project when it ready to open. Now I develop all of project on my own and my partner helps some in documents and templates. I want some community to help me develop it. I have some plan like trac project management but I don’t have experience to create community so any help will appreciate.

Last I don’t know about future of my project. I have many projects in my head but they are never born if it is ONLY MY PROJECT. I just want someone to come with me, think like me and have the same interest but I never find them. The last I hope from this project is maybe it can change something like Linus change the world with Linux.