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Who interesting in my resume can contact me at webmaster [at] winginfotech [dot] net with the title: I WANT YOU TO WORK WITH US

PHP Engineer (ref #001)

$q1 = You want a master PHP Ninja. $q2 = You want people who excel at object oriented PHP and Smarty template engine. $q3 = You want people who familiar with CSS, Javascript, XHTML and MySQL. $q4 = You want people who experienced with Editplus and Subversion. $q5 = You want people who love open source and aware of geeky stuff. $q6 = You want people who keen to learn much more. $q7 = You want people who live in Bangkok, Thailand.

if ( $q1 && $q2 && $q3 && $q4 && $q5 && $q6 && $q7 ) { echo “YOU SHOULD <strong>CONTACT</strong> ME! drop your detail to webmaster [at] winginfotech [dot] net <br/>”; echo “please include detail of your work that you want me to do.”; echo “And I will help you about your work and let you know what I know to”; echo “develop your work much and much better. thanx,”; exit; } else { die(“Please find job for me… T-T”); }

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